Golden Dawn

Take a picture in the "Golden hour" daily for a week

Winning Conditions

Post your pictures in the challenge feed everyday. Only the ones taken the last hour before dawn or the hour after the sunrise are valid.


You will improve your landscape photography with this challenge.


7 days

Why completing this challenge?

Have you notice that the majority of those great landscape pictures in internet have a beautiful orange light? Normally, the best hours to take this kind of pictures are the last hour before dawn or the hour after the sunrise, we call this time "the golden hour". The light is diffuse and more beautiful, the textures are more visible and the skies presents that beautiful orange tone that make them look dramatic. Try to take the pictures at this hour and you will never take a picture again at mid day.


A tripod is a must here, at the golden hour you will not have a lot of light, and we want to take a picture closing the diaphragm to F8 or F11, so even less light will enter the sensor of your camera, use a very stable tripod and take a long time exposure if needed. Additionally you need to be fast, try taking a lot of pictures, the light change so fast at this time, you don't want to miss those wonderful seconds.