Animal Friend

Take a picture of a different animal everyday

Winning Conditions

Post your pictures everyday for a week in the challenge feed


To be aware about all life around you, and perhaps a new animal friend...


7 days

Why completing this challenge?

We are surrounded by animals, they are everywhere, but nobody seems to notice! there are spider in the corners of your room, birds in the tree in front of your house, a mouse in your backyard... It doesn't matter if you live in a little town, a big city or in the middle of the forest, this challenge will re-connect you with the nature and will help you to see that all the places are full of life, they are just waiting to be discovered, and photographed !


Normally, every animal has a different daily routine, it is easy to photograph butterflies in the morning, when their wings are still cold to fly, mouses are nocturnal animals, what about leaving some food in the floor and set your camera with a remote shutter? Birds prefer places with water, cats hate open spaces, you will find them in sunny hidden places. It is funnier to chose the day before the animal you want to photograph, it can be more difficult, but way more rewarding. Have fun and good luck.