Sushi night

Prepare your favourite sushi dish

Winning Conditions

Prepare Sushi and post the process and the final result


To be able to surprise your friends or family with this fashionable food


7 days

Why completing this challenge?

Yes, it is raw fish and rice, but it is much more too, it is an amazing texture, a delicate flavour, healthy and in this days seems that everyone loves it. Learn how to cook sushi and discover the most famous Japanese speciality.


There are two key points in preparing good sushi, the rice and the fish. use round rice and if you don't have a rice cooker, use a pot adding a little bit more water than rice, leave it boil and then reduce the fire to the minimum for 10 minutes, retire it from the fire and leave it rest for a while, make sure to not open the pot cover until the end. About the fish, use only very fresh fish or previously frozen one, try different types of fish as salmon, tuna or even shrimps!