Arm wrestling

Win the challenge in a Arm wrestlng challenge

Winning Conditions

you have 30 days to train before the match


Is up to you two


30 days

Why completing this challenge?

Arm wrestling involves two participants. Each places one arm on a surface with their elbows bent and touching the surface, and they grip each other's hand. The goal is to pin the other's arm onto the surface, with the winner's arm over the loser's arm.

Various factors can play a part in one's success in arm wrestling. Technique and overall arm strength are the two greatest contributing factors to winning an arm wrestling match. Other factors such as the length of an arm wrestler's arm, his/her muscle and arm mass/density, hand grip size, wrist endurance and flexibility, reaction time, as well as countless other traits

Show your friend who is the stronger one, Arm wrestling is an ancient competition that has helped always to demonstrate who is the best!


There are specific arm exercises to help you win strength, but in Arm wrestling sometimes is more importance to know when to push, control the times and the energy to find the right moment.