Hot chili

Eat a red hot chili peeper

Winning Conditions

You need to chew and swallow the chilli to be legal


The Hottest person tittle!


7 days

Why completing this challenge?

Have you ever heard of the Scoville scale? is an scale to measure the level of spicy heat of chilli peppers, the current winner is the Carolina reaper, reaching 1,569,300 points in this scale, to have an idea, a normal red hot chilli pepper can reach 30.000-50.000 in the same scale. Well, it is time to show the people how brave you are, chose the spiciest chilli pepper that you can find, put it in your mouth and chew it (ideally in front of a camera). Who dare to win this challenge?


I will not recommend to try this challenge with a California reaper... What about an habanero or malagueta pepper, perhaps the red Thai pepper in your favourite food store? is your decision, but make sure that everyone in the challenge use the same one!